Pull curtains not muscles

Ingenious strap preventing injuries in trucking industry

Transport workers are sparing themselves injuries, thanks to an ingenious and inexpensive device designed by occupational therapist, Tim Elvery together with experts from the trucking industry.
The Strong Arm Strap is designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and make it easier for truck drivers and transport workers, when opening and closing heavy tautliner truck curtains.
Mr Elvery, from StrongLinx, said the simple cost-effective device provided leverage and also helped to reduce the risk of injuries to the back, shoulder, upper limbs and neck.
The transport industry has a higher rate of injuries than many other occupations, with the average cost of a lost-time work injury in the road transport industry being $26,089 (*Queensland workers’ compensation scheme statistics 2017-18).

Truck driver shoulder injuries; long healing time and costly

Shoulder injuries were the second most common driver injury, took longer to heal, cost more downtime, and often required more extensive treatments.

The Numbers Say It All: Safer solutions for transport workers

Based on recent statistics it is definitely worth investigating safer solutions for opening and closing curtains on tautliner trucks! This research relates to injuries suffered by road transport workers. Information from Safe Work Australia revealed that there has been a 36% reduction in the rate of serious claims between 2001 and 2015. However the following […]

Job Seeker Success Story

Employment & Job Placement Services Consultants have caught on to the Strong Arm Straps to help their clients return to work. Keith (name changed for privacy) recently returned to work in a new position after being on Workers Compensation in SA for a shoulder injury. With the assistance of an Employment JPS Consultant who worked […]

A Miracle in the World of Camping

As the word spreads about the Strong Arm Strap among managers, drivers and handlers within the road transport industry, it is inevitable that new and innovative ways to use this device will emerge! The general population who love their camping, 4WD, boating and outdoor activities are now learning that the Strong Arm Strap is effective […]