Pull curtains not muscles


The Original Curtain Puller

Pull Curtains, Not Muscles! … And Save Injury

Tautliners (or ‘curtainsiders’) are a modern day tarping system for larger trucks. However operators aren’t always aware of the dangers involved with opening and closing truck curtains. This results in a range of shoulder, arm and back injuries from poor handling of buckles, curtains and poles.

“The transport industry has a much higher rate of injuries, which are painful and expensive for everyone involved. Considering the average finalised time-lost claim cost in the Transport industry in 2017/18 was $26,089 you want to do everything you can to eliminate these injuries.” (Qld Workers’ Compensation scheme statistics 2017/18)

The Strong Arm Strap is an innovative yet simple device that helps prevent injury for transport workers opening and closing tautliners/curtain siders or truck curtains.

Simple and easy-to use, the Strong Arm Strap is a Queensland ergonomic design that allows truck drivers and freight handlers to safely open and close truck curtains using the correct muscles and postures, while helping to prevent injury.

The Strong Arm Strap is a simple, effective and affordable device that saves employers thousands of dollars in workers compensation fees, and the injured worker and their families, a lifetime of pain and suffering!

How it Works

This simple device enables workers to pull curtains open or shut with ease.

The strap hooks into the buckle (saving fingers and hands from possible injury) and allows workers to keep their arms close to their body as they pull, thus using their core strength and reducing the risk of over-stretching (saving back and shoulder/arm injuries).

Ergonomic design features include:

    • Stronger pulling position for arms
    • Force occurs below shoulder height
    • Strongest wrist posture
    • Elbows are held close to body
    • Handle design fits your hand for secure grip
  • Improves trunk/back postures when used correctly

It’s simple, effective and affordable making this a small investment to ensure you are fostering a safe and profitable working environment.

The Strong Arm Strap has been developed by a team of medical and trucking experts and put through an extensive trial period by transport workers. The workers love it and you will too!