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A Miracle in the World of Camping

As the word spreads about the Strong Arm Strap among managers, drivers and handlers within the road transport industry, it is inevitable that new and innovative ways to use this device will emerge!

The general population who love their camping, 4WD, boating and outdoor activities are now learning that the Strong Arm Strap is effective in reducing strain, pain and injury when pulling (almost anything)!

We recently heard from Peter who purchased a Strong Arm Strap for personal use. Peter and his wife recently spent 5 months travelling and camping through Queensland and the Northern Territory.

“As a person who suffers from back issues, camping is a little more difficult than it should be, especially when it comes time to remove the tent pegs,” he explained.

This task was made more difficult in west Arnhem Land due to the constant high winds requiring more pegs than usual and for them to be hammered in more fully.

One of the others travelling with them was a HR manager for a Brisbane-based trucking company and he had brought along a couple of Strong Arm Straps. He used these straps to easily remove even stubborn pegs from the ground. He loaned one of the straps to Peter who told us “I found that not only was the task of peg removal significantly easier, because the strap has a terrific ‘handle’ to pull with, but also due to the length of the strap, I was able to hook the peg, remove it AND lift it up, all without bending over”. Peter described this as “a miracle in the world of camping!” 

Reluctantly, he had to return the strap at the conclusion of the camp, but has since purchased one and said that “it goes with us in the 4WD, and wherever the tent goes”.

“I cannot recommend this strap enough and my thanks to Tim and the team for this back-saving invention”.