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Truck driver shoulder injuries; long healing time and costly

truck driver shoulder injuries

Why don’t we focus on truck driver shoulder injuries? A recent article revealed that Health care providers and truckers know that back problems are driver’ most common occupational injury, but what’s second? https://www.fleetowner.com/driver-management/driver-shoulder-injuries-long-healing-time-costly-and-we-know-little-about-them

Bryan Combs (faculty member and nurse at the University of Alabama at Birmingham) was an athletic trainer before becoming a nurse and instructor. He learned that truck driver shoulder injuries were the second most common injury. Even more important, it took longer to heal, cost more downtime, and often required more extensive treatments than back problems.

This article suggests that shoulder injuries take more time to heal, produce more downtime and cost more than back injuries. Anatomically speaking, shoulders are extremely complicated and in some ways more intricate than backs.

Combs likes to think of drivers as “occupational athletes” who suffer much of the same injuries as college or professional athletes. “If you can strengthen the shoulder, we may be able to do something to help prevent shoulder injuries.

Injury prevention requires a thorough risk reduction strategy. In addition to operator strengthening and training, the Strong Arm Strap has been demonstrated to greatly assist in reducing the loads and resultant risks associated with shoulder injuries for truck drivers.